4-H Program at SOEC

Southern Oak Equestrians 4-H Program



All participants at SOEC are invited to join the 4-H Club.  Annual dues are $25.  Ask Hannah or Margaret for an enrollment form.  The SOEC 4-H Club is a member and participant in the Wake County sponsored 4-H Program.

Meeting Schedule 2014

Full Year Schedule To Come


Important information, including upcoming events, schedule changes, and meeting minutes are posted on the 4H bulletin board at the barn and at www.soec4hclub.com .  Members also receive email updates.

If you are not a member, take a minute to see our 4-H website, www.soec4hclub.com.  We are an active group and would love to have you come out and join us!

2014 Leader

  • Maggie Harrison
  • Hannah Mattis Radford

2014 Leadership Council

  • Co-Presidents: Lilly Bachofen
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Ali Schubert and Lorna Mac
  • Secretary: Sydney MacNabb
  • Co-Treasurers: Molly Cruse and Lexi Field
  • Recorders: Nicki Martin and Zoe Hansen
  • Photographer: Michaela Quinlan and Mackenzie Metzger


Program Goals
To encourage 4-H members…

  1. To develop leadership abilities, build character, and assume citizenship responsibilities.
  2. To experience the pride of caring a horse or pony and be responsible for its management.
  3. To develop an appreciation of horseback riding as a healthy and wholesome form of recreation.
  4. To learn skills in horsemanship and an understanding of the business of breeding, raising and training horses.
  5. To increase knowledge of safety precautions needed to prevent injury to one’s self, others, and their mounts.
  6. To promote greater love for animals and a humane attitude toward them.
  7. To help others by working in groups and supporting community horse projects and activities.
  8. To learn good sportsmanship through a friendly, competitive atmosphere.

4-H Pledge
I pledge . . .

My HEAD to clearer thinking.
Working with animals provides mental relaxation from schoolroom studies and at the same time stimulates quick thinking and alertness.

My HEART to greater loyalty.
The close bond of friendship that develops between a horse and his master and between young people planning and working together in a common interest is conducive to a deepening sense of loyalty and consideration of others.

My HANDS to larger service.
Skillful hands are a must for a horseman. It is the touch of the hands on the reins that telegraph the rider’s wish to his mount.

My HEALTH to better living.
Out-of-door activities affect every nerve, muscle, and organ of the body in a healthful way.

For my club, my community, my country, and my world.
The associations and varied activities in 4-H Club work provide many opportunities for young people to prepare themselves for active participation in the social and economic life of their community.



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